Yunie LeNoue

Yunie's statement:

Art is an occupation reserved for those who love it with all their being. Expressing this love means doing art the way children play - spontaneously, effortlessly, engaging the moment fully in unselfconscious action. Art is just such an expression of uncontained passion.

I am a wanderer, open to the creative resources offered by every vista. I capture my inspirations with photos, journals, sketches, or watercolors, preserving subjects and events to be considered later at leisure. I may try to capture human messages or emotions, or choose random natural objects that appear appropriate to a desired technical expression.

My technique is realized in strongly contrasting colors, simple, bold lines, and clear divisions between generous spaces dedicated to subject and context. This approach comprises a method of expression that involves making basic, simple elements work together to convey complexity in form and message. I employ a range of materials according to my creative intentions and life/work setting. I often return to the simplicity of pen, charcoal, and pencil.

My art comes from a longing and desire to engage the world, not from a sense of duty or pressure to produce.

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