Dave Knorr

I am a sculptor who works primarily with ceramic clay to create two different bodies of work; Architectural and Industrial Totems, and Figurative and Organic forms.
The Totem work is inspired by architecture and industrial societal artifacts. I pull from historical elements to create totems which reflect the destruction and throw away nature of our societies. The totem is the relic which survived over the years with layers of neglect and abuse. My narrative covers a timeline from the Mayans and Aztecs to the twenty-first century.
The Figurative and Organic work is inspired from the human body, and the surroundings in nature. As a sculptor I see shapes and form in almost everything. For the last 12 months I have explored this new direction and continue push myself to see where I can take these new exciting works.

Dave Knorr's website: davidknorr.com

Dave Knorr on Instagram: instagram.com/david_knorr_art/